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I’ve had my Racarod 8-rod rack on my truck for about 10 years, and its still in perfect condition. I’ve traveled halfway across the country and back with rods locked in the rack and couldn’t be more pleased! Hal makes a super high quality product far superior to anything else out there. If you fish the surf or head down to the lake, you need one of these on your vehicle. Thanks for a great product Hal.

Brian July 25, 2015 

Just received my 4 rod rack from Hal yesterday. Used some old Thule mounts to attach it to my crossbars. Workmanship is top notch. I was very impressed with the latch for the front rack. Can’t wait to load it up for my trip to MV

Bill T July 15, 2015


I have the two rod rack on top of Thule aero bars. Nice neat simple installation using T bolts.

Joe Fedgchin July 28, 2015

Amazing work!!! I couldn't thank you enough for the flawless work. The rack is going to be perfect. I can't wait to mount it to the camper. Thanks for getting it done in time. I returned home from vacation and it was here.
Thank you
If you ever want to sell your products through a retailer in New Jersey please contact me. Regards,
Greg Cudnik August 27, 2015 

The absolute best surf rod racks. Quality work. Thanks Hal

Robert O'Brian

Hi! My fianci loved the rod rack and it works great! Already used it for a road trip to Florida! He loves it.

Thanks so much for your help.

Samantha from Annapolis MD Jan.15 2016

I received my racarod! Your an absolute genius! Going to work out perfectly! Wish you luck for you and your business to come. 

Justin Pullion

Hal I got the rack today. You sure don't disappoint my friend!!!! I absolutely love it !!I will send some pics once I have it installed. Thanks again for everything

Scott ​

Lots of compliments from my friends the construction guys love your welds. Thank you.

Frank Casillo, Oct 19, 2016

Hal, I just got back from Montauk, rod rack is awesome. Great product, also people asking me where I got them, I told them to go on line at racarod

​Thanks Paul K​. Oct, 30 2016

Hal, the rack arrived yesterday. Very impressive piece of work.  The photos on your website do not do the product justice—absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.  Puts my old Surfcaster rack to shame.

Thanks again Paul Beckwith April, 21 2017

Hi Hal.
Sorry it took so long to send you the pics. I really like this fly rack, wish I had one years ago. Thank you so much.

Mark Malenovsky
Hooks and Brooks Guide Service and
Long Island Surf Fishing Charters

The Fisherman Magazine

Surf Addition September 2016 by Mike Caruso

I know surf anglers who have more money tied up in the eight rod-reel outfits on the roof than the entire value of their 4x4. It amazes me, however how few automotive roof rod rack products there are available for surf fisherman. As a result we see a lot of inadequate home grown rack rigs that leave your investment vulnerable.

If you want a truly well-built, well thought out, anti theft rod rack, call Hal Truhn. Aside from being an avid surf angle, he’s a machinist, who out of necessity began building his version of the ultimate roof rack. Now he builds them one at a time out of his garage/custom metal shop and sells them direct. Like your surf outfits these racks are works of art that will hold up season after season. Hal designed all of the options well.

Check out Rac-A-Rod and get your order in quickly. Hal’s a busy guy with a great product.

Peter Milillo‎ to RAC A ROD Fishing Rod Rack
Thank you Hal for the amazing racks. I couldn't be more happy with the quality of this product.. From start to finish the whole experience was a breeze.. I wish you the best and I truly think that Rac A Rod is the only way to go.. Every surfcaster needs to check them out.. Thanks again

To Hal, 

I purchased a RAC-A-ROD system from you just about a year ago. You gave me a generous military discount and I greatly appreciated it. I told you that I would write you an honest review so I waited to see how this rod rack system held up. The RAC-A-ROD fishing system has held up amazingly. It has been on the top of my truck for a year and does not show any signs of wear. All the parts function just like they did the day I purchased the system from you. The powder coat chipped in certain spots but that is to be expected when the rack is used almost every day.  I have received allot of complements  by people in passing. I always tell people who ask about the RAC that you are an awesome person and that you make great products. I will continue to push people towards that RAC-A-ROD system because I believe it is a great piece of American made equipment and a must have for all fisherman. The other rod rack brands don’t seem to have the craftsmanship that RAC-A-ROD systems have.  Quite honestly I think In most cases the other rod rack systems blunt the look of vehicles. My opinion is that the RAC-A-ROD system adds a touch of class to the look of the vehicle. Most importantly it functions and never lets me down. I highly recommend RAC-A-ROD systems to anyone who wants to ease the stress of safely transporting their prized fishing rods to their secret fishing spot.

Thank you Hal for your commitment to making a great rod rack system and keeping your customers satisfied. 


Robert C.


 Hi Hal,  here's a picture of the rod racks mounted on my truck with the Thule bed rack. It's awesome and have gotten lots of compliments from other fishermen. Thank you for an awesome product!

Ger Vue, Winder GA


Rac A Rod

The course of many fisherman is to carry a very long stick. Unless you own one of these big rigs that these days go for made money, you are like the rest of us going to run up and down the beach in your beach buggy that doubles up as your family taxi. Most will not accommodate rods longer than 10 feet and considering most guys prefer to fish with a solid one-piece rod; your storage is limited to the roof. Well if you are going to hang your expensive fishing jewelry on top of your truck we suggest that you get a rack that will not only be functional but will provide some level of protection and for many surfcasters the first choice is the Rac A Rod, made locally here on long island.

These racks come in configurations that will house from two to six rods. They are made from powder coated aluminum and built to last. Most guys install it on the roof but if you have a camper or you need to mount it to the side, optional side mounted brackets are available. In addition to the roof racks, they also manufacture bumper rod racks with the same function and quality. You need a rack to transport your fishing equipment without damage, you need to store spare rods some ware while you fish, and you need peace of mind knowing it will be safe upon return. Rac A Rod products will fit these criteria and they are proven. You can’t go wrong with a Rac A Rod.

Zeno Hormin, Surfcasters Journal


    I was finally able to pick up the four rod rack you built for me. I had it delivered to my parents house because I was on a business trip. I just want to say WOW!! Unbelievable craftsmanship, worth the wait.

 Thanks again and have a great day!

Mike Magana